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In 2019, the state of Virginia passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act.  This law requires that 100% of electricity in Virginia comes from clean sources such as solar or wind by 2050, paving the way for Virginia-based businesses to transition to a more sustainable energy model.

Solar for commercial properties help lower overall energy costs and allow Virginia ratepayers to sell some power back to utility companies. Aurora Energy can be the catalyst to help your business switch to sustainable energy with our engineering, design, installation, and maintenance services. 

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The price of electricity continues to rise in the state of Virginia. Since 2005 there has been a 40% increase in the cost of electricity, and will likely continue to grow. Companies can reduce their operating costs, saving a considerable amount of money by installing a quality solar energy system.  Installing solar on your business or commercial property will also lead you towards a sustainable company culture, doing your part to green the grid.

The industry is booming, and there hasn’t been a better time for businesses to switch to solar energy. Aurora Energy is a professional solar design and installation business with more than 27 years of industry experience. We design custom solar arrays for businesses before carrying out expert installation, ensuring our customers are fully satisfied and positioned to benefit from substantial savings.  Virginia has new solar incentives that customers can take advantage of, saving on the initial price of the project (like tax exemptions).  Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are also a popular option, where the customer rents their roof space to the solar array, pays no money down, and enjoys lower utility bills as the user of the produced energy.  Contact us to get started or to find out further details.  

What we do

Aurora Energy has been involved in the solar industry since 1994. As a mainstay in the Northern Virginia region, our work has contributed to photovoltaics (PV) growth in the area. We are dedicated to our mission of providing clean, solar energy through quality systems to businesses in Northern Virginia. One of our main focuses is cost savings, where we provide our customers with a 196% average system ROI. Our services include: 

Due Diligence

Preparation is key to any successful solar project. Aurora Energy efficiently performs due diligence on proposed solar sites. This involves a physical evaluation consisting of detailed visual inspections and topographical, geological, and structural site analysis. 

An electrical review is also necessary to determine the most suitable area for the solar system to connect with the electrical grid. We perform an electrical audit to establish this. 

Finally, we carry out a document review to verify legal ownership of the premises and that all relevant documentation allows for the project to begin. 

Solar Design 

We collaborate with our clients to create system designs that suit their needs and desires. The client approves all design aspects before implementation. We also take care of the relevant permits on your behalf. 

Bringing Your Plans to Life

A pre-construction meeting ensures all parties are privy to the construction plans before installation begins. When construction and interconnection are completed, the system must be commissioned by the jurisdictional authorities. Once they approve the project, operations can move forward.

Continued Monitoring and Maintenance

Aurora Energy works with your staff to explain the core components and how the system functions, including rapid shutdown switches and system disconnections. We provide all supporting documentation and access to the manufacturer’s monitoring platform, allowing you to review system performance in real-time. 

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If you’re searching for “best solar company near me” Aurora Energy’s got you covered with our expert design, engineering, installation and maintenance for the full spectrum of solar panel installation service.  We provide our services for property owners in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudon & Prince William Counties.  We have also installed warehouse rooftop installations in Warren & Rockingham Counties.

Aurora Energy is the leading solar energy installation company operating in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Our inspired solar  designs help maximize your commercial property’s potential and energy output to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.   We take a collaborative approach to engineering and design to ensure that your solar energy system meets your needs. Our knowledgeable team has been designing and installing solar panels for almost three decades and can help ensure a smooth project by managing permit applications and commissioning reviews.  

We provide a variety of solar options and can adapt systems to suit your needs and geographical location. Our most popular installation types include rooftop panels, ground mount panels, and carport/canopy panels. 

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