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When your solar plans have been approved through interconnection & permitting, the commercial solar installation and construction process can begin.


At this point, the design is set, the plans are filed, and the permits are approved. A pre-construction meeting with facility staff followed by construction deployment at the site happens during this phase of the project. As materials are delivered for installation, a temporary staging area is often designated for easy access as they are needed throughout the construction of the array. The timeline of system construction depends on the complexity of the project.


Interconnection is the final step prior to commissioning your new solar operation. Interconnection refers to both the physical connection of the new facility to the local utility’s power grid as well as the regulatory application process. Physically connecting the new power source requires existing power to be temporarily suspended. This is often scheduled to occur during non-working hours to limit disruption to daily business activities.


Once mechanical, structural and electrical construction is substantially completed, Aurora will confirm with jurisdictional authorities (city or county) that the system was built in accordance with the plan and that it will operate within acceptable parameters. They will review the installation to make sure it’s safe, code compliant and substantially built according to plans. This final sign-off is sent to the utility with a request for permission to operate.

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Aurora Energy Inc. is a commercial solar leader based in Columbia, Maryland and serves the MD/DC/VA region.  Our NABCEP-trained solar professionals are always available for customer questions, concerns or ideas.  We live & work in the community we serve. 

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