Is your business prepared for ever-changing supply chain sustainability requirements?

As regional solar experts, we’ll help you take advantage of solar energy to fulfill these requirements, so you can stay competitive. 

“So far the system has been maintenance-free and the energy cost projections are exactly what Aurora showed us at the beginning of the process. We hardly pay anything for our electric bill, especially during the summer.”

Steve Porter

President, Porter Construction Inc.

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Meet increasing sustainability requirements without impacting your bottom line.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of large corporate brands have started to require their tier-one suppliers to adopt sustainable practices.  They have also encouraged these suppliers to help ensure sustainable practices are taking place further down the supply chain.

Some of these brands include:

  • Starbucks
  • Unilever
  • Coca-Cola
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Apple

Although some sustainable practices can cost more, solar is a solution that allows suppliers to save money while fulfilling new sustainability requirements.

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Why go solar?

While solar energy can help you meet sustainability requirements, there’s much more that it can offer.  As energy costs continue to grow, solar can significantly reduce your utility bills. Our customers have seen a 65% average decrease in their utility bills after installing panels.

Capitalize on your rooftop space

Rooftops aren’t just for cover anymore. A solar array could be saving you money and make your business more sustainable in the process. 
Find out what large companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have already already discovered: solar is a financial and sustainable win for any structure.

Control your energy costs

By going solar, not only will  your utility bill decrease, but  any excess power that is produced can be fed into the grid to control rising costs. As for cost stabilization: going green with on-site solar energy generation ensures long-term savings, because it locks in those benefits now and for decades into the future.

Deploy an affordable, sustainable solution

As sustainability requirements increase, embracing sustainable practices now is a way to get ahead of the competition.  Going solar is an easy way to check off the clean energy-sourcing box.  A Power Purchase Agreement requires no money down, and lowers your annual utility bills.

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We meet with you to discuss your goals and explain what commercial solar projects entail. Initial designs start to take shape.


With your goals as the basis for everything that follows, we design an array that meets your needs.


When you are happy with the design, we finalize it & start installing after all necessary permits are acquired.


Your array is installed and turned on, producing energy on the first day & financial benefits within the first year.

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As a regional leader in the DC/MD/VA region specializing in custom solar project development, engineering, installation and service for over 28 years, Aurora has the knowledge and skill base to overcome even the most challenging design obstacles resulting in inspired designs with maximum production & financial benefits.  We design solar arrays that fit each particular site, and our project management team guarantees all applicable incentives are utilized to give you the best system at the best price.  Our engineers certify your roof for solar, and ensures your roof warranty remains intact.  We design your PV system to optimize space and maximize your financial benefit. .  Understanding and achieving your building’s needs is our most important goal.

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