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Community Solar

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Community Solar is one the fastest growing solar market segments. With Community Solar a range of customers who previously could not take advantage of solar installation now can benefit through this innovative approach.

What Community Solar Is

Community solar is type of solar development in which a solar PV system is connected directly to the utility grid. The owner of the installation receives all applicable state and federal solar incentives and receives payment for electricity generated through a subscriber organization where members of the community can benefit from solar electricity without having on-site generation.

Subscriber Organizations

A community solar installation is connected directly to the utility grid no solar production feeds into the installation location. Instead, all the solar production is sold to customers in the same utility territory through a subscriber organization. The subscriber organization allows customers to utilize community solar production by becoming a subscriber, collecting a monthly tariff from them then paying the site owner the tariff collected.

Community Solar Benefits

Community solar is a win-win scenario for all parties involved. These types of installations provide solutions for: property owners with multi-metered buildings, landowners looking for a low-impact way of monetizing their open land, community members who are unable to procure on-site solar generation. For site owners, third party ownership models are available with no upfront costs, receiving monthly lease payments from investor(s).

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Aurora Energy Inc. is based in Columbia, Maryland and serves the MD/DC/VA region.  Our NABCEP-trained solar professionals are always available for customer questions, concerns or ideas.  We live & work in the community we serve. 

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