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Creating electricity in crowded industrial areas can be a challenge, especially when considering the need to manage pollution. Clean energy sources like solar are a huge potential asset for any industry, including manufacturing and logistics.

A warehouse usually has a large, single-story footprint. This enclosed structure makes it hard to control costs in an impactful way.

Solar arrays for warehouses help lower overall energy costs and even allow you to sell some power back to utility companies. Aurora Energy can help switch your warehouse to sustainable energy with our planning, installation, and maintenance services. 

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Even warehouses with energy-efficient lighting use a large amount of electricity, especially if they have round-the-clock operations and/or require refrigeration for their products. Adequate illumination and product temperature controls are critical for any distribution center, warehouse or prefabrication facility. 

Cooling and heating warehouses also require a tremendous amount of electricity, especially in the summer. Not only does the extensive square footage naturally require more energy, but the roof may absorb large amounts of heat from direct sun exposure, causing inside temperatures to spike during the day. Most warehouses keep air conditioning to a minimum and rely on fans instead, but finding a more robust solution that can offset energy usage as well as provide an energy-generating layer of panels on the rooftop is a more permanent & cost-effective option.

Rooftop solar for warehouses has become a popular option in the region due to the incentives and the attractive Return on Investment.  According to data from the largest utilities across the country, non-refrigerated warehouses use on average about 6 kWh of electricity per square foot annually (accounting for about 15% of the facility’s overall operating budget).  Refrigerated warehouses consume on average 4x that amount.

Get control of electricity costs which often represent one of the biggest parts of manufacturing facilities’ overall expenses.  

financing your warehouse solar project

Whether your company has a single warehouse or multiple distribution centers, we ensure that switching to a solar energy system is easy and affordable. We have multiple financing options available, including:

Cash Purchase

If your company has the capital to purchase and install a complete warehouse solar system upfront, you own the equipment. You can take advantage of the generous tax breaks and incentives for commercial properties.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

For little to no upfront cost, your warehouse can enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Though you don’t own the solar modules or receive tax breaks, you’ll still see a significant reduction in utility bills.

A PPA is a contract between your company and Aurora for a set period. You essentially lease your roof space and just pay for the solar energy you need at an affordable rate.

C-PACE Financing

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy financing allows your business to own the solar hardware without paying for it upfront. You’ll pay fixed-rate amounts through your property tax bill. This option allows you to benefit from the tax credits (shared between you and the C-PACE lender) without purchasing the hardware outright. 

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With the various incentives and financing options available, solar on warehouse rooftops has become very popular in the Maryland/Virginia/D.C. region. 

Aurora Energy is the leading solar energy installation company operating in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Our inspired solar module designs help maximize your warehouse’s potential and energy output to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.   We take a collaborative approach to engineering and design to ensure that your solar energy system meets your needs. Our knowledgeable team has been designing and installing solar panels for almost three decades and can help ensure a smooth project by managing permit applications and commissioning reviews.  

We provide a variety of solar options and can adapt systems to suit your needs and geographical location. Our most popular installation types include rooftop panels, ground mount panels, and carport/canopy panels. 

If financing the project is a concern, we offer several ways to pay for your system. If you have enough capital, you can pay for the system and installation upfront via cash payment. Alternative payment options include power purchase agreements (PPAs) and C-PACE financing. The latter two options incorporate payment structures that require little to no upfront costs, making solar a very affordable option for any commercial business.

Commercial warehouses ready to switch to solar energy are in good hands with Aurora. To begin the design and permitting process for your warehouse in DC/MD/VA.  Contact our team today at 410-505-4848 to arrange your complimentary evaluation. Our experts have streamlined the process, making it easy for the customer as we explain every step of the way:

Reduce Operating Expenses

  1. Tax benefits(Federal tax credits and bonus depreciation)
  2. State incentive (SRECs) and MEA commercial grants
  3. Electricity bill savings

Turn you unused space into a profit creator

    1. Financing options- no upfront payment, cash flow positive in year 1
    2. The option of using your rooftop as a community solar hosting site

    Strengthen your business

      1. Enhance Your Sustainability Brand and Show Social Responsibility
      2. Lock in Energy Savings for 25 Years
      3. Reinvest Solar Savings into Your Business

      Ready For A Free Solar Consultation

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