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“So far the system has been maintenance-free and the energy cost projections are exactly what Aurora showed us at the beginning of the process. We hardly pay anything for our electric bill, especially during the summer.”

Steve Porter

President, Porter Construction Inc.

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Solar: one of the most effective tools to significantly cut your overhead costs

Commercial buildings have significant energy requirements and with that comes huge overhead costs.  Energy is the single largest operating expense for commercial buildings, accounting for almost 1/3 of average operating budgets.

While utility prices continue to climb, solar energy has become more affordable.  Over the past 10 years, the price for solar has dropped almost 70%.

With the available tax credit extension and strong SREC prices, you get paid for generating solar power from our building or property.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy and take advantage of the significant financial benefits that solar has to offer.  

Why go solar?

With the cost of energy skyrocketing, it’s more important than ever for businesses to consider going solar.  Our customers have seen a 65% average decrease in their utility bills after installing a solar system.

Capitalize on your rooftop space

Rooftops aren’t just for cover anymore. A solar array could be saving you money or generating income.
Find out what large REITs like Prologis have already already discovered: solar is a financial and sustainable win for any structure.

Control your energy costs

When your property goes solar your utility bill decreases; any excess power you don’t use will be fed into the grid, dialing your usage meter backwards. Your solar production will stabilize costs by locking in savings for the next 25-30 years whether you purchase or opt for a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Deploy an affordable, sustainable solution

Federal incentives like the ITC (26% tax credit) and state incentives like commercial solar energy grants can be realized at the time of installation, while Solar Renewable Energy Credits (sRECs) continue to generate revenue as you produce. You’re also offsetting metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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Due Diligence

We meet with you to discuss your goals and explain what commercial solar projects entail. Initial designs start to take shape.


With your goals as the basis for everything that follows, we design an array that meets your needs.


When you are happy with the design, we finalize it & start installing after all necessary permits are acquired.


Your array is installed and turned on, producing energy on the first day & financial benefits within the first year.

How Solar works

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About Aurora Energy

As a commercial solar leader in the DC/MD/VA region specializing in custom solar project development, engineering, installation and service for over 30 years, Aurora Energy has the knowledge and skill base to overcome even the most challenging design obstacles resulting in inspired designs with maximum production & financial benefits.  We design solar arrays that fit each particular site, and our project management team guarantees all applicable incentives are utilized to give you the best system at the best price.  Our engineers certify your roof for solar, and ensures your roof warranty remains intact.  We design your PV system to optimize space and maximize your financial benefit. .  Understanding and achieving your building’s needs is our most important goal.

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