Many leading businesses across multiple industries are transitioning toward renewable energy. Solar power is no longer just a PR initiative for businesses, and there are considerable benefits to powering your business through sustainable systems. With the progression of the technology in solar panels over the years, commercial solar reduces waste and gives you an affordable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Solar panel prices have been falling consistently, making them more accessible for small to medium-sized businesses. What’s more, installation costs, parts, and other solar equipment are more affordable, making solar an even more viable option. 

Aurora Energy is a leading solar provider in the DC/MD/VA area. We specialize in creating custom solar projects for companies in a variety of industries. We provide a comprehensive service in terms of expert engineering, quality installation, and first-rate customer service. With over 27 years of experience in the solar electricity field, we have the knowledge and skill to generate complex systems that overcome challenging design obstacles while providing your company with an opportunity for cost savings. 

The Role of Solar in Manufacturing

Solar power is becoming more relevant in the U.S. manufacturing industry. Besides the reduced costs and increased accessibility to solar resources and installers, there are multiple advantages to having solar installed in a manufacturing facility.

Most manufacturing plants register significant energy consumption numbers daily. As enormous buildings with large-scale manufacturing machines, the utility costs are incredibly high. However, considerable roof space or a large manufacturing site means ample space for solar panels, allowing manufacturers to take advantage of the solar resources available to them.

Some of the key benefits of solar energy for a manufacturer include:

  • Lower Electricity Costs

Electricity costs are major overheads for any manufacturing plant, with electricity costs accounting for approximately 15% of the total annual costs. Unlike solar bills, electricity costs are constantly increasing. Tariff rates for solar are around 20% lower than with traditional electricity, making it a sustainable solution for the long term. Solar installations are dependable and generally have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, ensuring your bills are predictable over time.

If your factory or plant uses a lot of electricity, one of the best ways to control your costs is to install solar panels as an alternative electricity source.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

Businesses that use solar panels produce some or all of their electricity by renewable means, making their building more efficient in terms of energy consumption and utility costs. Sustainable energy also makes the property more valuable for potential buyers in the future as they can use the solar energy the manufacturing plant generates.

  • Government Grants

In some instances, businesses can benefit from government grants or tax credits by installing solar panels and renewable technologies. More companies are going off-grid to reduce their carbon footprint and focus on green energy on a local level.

As global initiatives continue to drive up demand for renewable energy, businesses are likely to gain increased support from the government to go green.

  • Reduced Maintenance

Solar systems are generally low maintenance. If they’re kept clean, solar panels can last up to 30 years. There are very few moving parts, meaning wear and tear is minimal. Our solar manufacturing business offers warranties to all our customers. 

  • Improved Customer Perception

Installing a solar system can improve your company’s reputation among customers. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their purchasing decisions, and how they affect the world they live in, to where they invest money. Transitioning to a more eco-friendly workplace can give you a competitive advantage in your sector by giving consumers an incentive to choose your products.

The Aurora Energy Solution

At Aurora Energy, we can help your business realize these benefits. Our process ensures you get the most suitable solar system on the market for your space, and you’ll receive quality customer care from the initial due diligence stage through to the installation.

What We Do

To make sure you get a quality system that will last in the long term, we offer a comprehensive service:

  • Due Diligence

We perform due diligence on-site to make the process as smooth as possible. This involves an initial physical evaluation where one of our experts analyzes the location and takes accurate measurements of the physical structure. Secondly, we perform an electric audit to determine where the system should tie into the electrical grid. Finally, we will handle all the necessary documentation to get the project up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Engineering and System Design

We create an initial design that sets out the positioning of all solar posts and the plans for connecting to the electrical grid. Although there is more design work to be carried out, we don’t proceed past this point until your business approves it. Once the designs are finalized, we apply for permits so your project can go ahead.  

  • Construction and Commissioning

After the plans are finalized and the permits are approved, the construction commences. The interconnection is the final step before the system is commissioned. We confirm with the jurisdictional authorities that the project was carried out per the initial plan and adheres to local parameters. After determining the system is safe and compliant, it’s signed off on.

  • Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance

When the system is switched on, we work alongside your staff to show them how the system works and what to do in an emergency. We also provide a manual, warranty information, and registration documents for your system. Aurora Energy allows you to monitor system components through our real-time portal. Our service department is available to provide regular maintenance tailored to your particular system and site. 

Contact Aurora Energy Today

Aurora Energy is a leading provider of solar services for manufacturing businesses and has been active in the industry for almost three decades. In addition to designing, installing, and servicing quality solar systems, we offer flexible financing options. Whether you want to make a cash purchase, use a power purchase agreement (PPA), or C-PACE financing, there is a suitable option for your businesses.

For more information and to explore some of the previous projects we’ve worked on, browse our website. If you want to speak with a member of our team, give us a call at (410) 505-4848 or contact us via email at info@aurora-energy.com.

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