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Preliminary Design

What your PV system will look like.

In the Preliminary Design phase, customers can look at different design options for their solar array

Physical Evaluation

The physical evaluation prior to commercial solar installation  ranges from an initial visual inspection to more detailed topographical, geological and structural analysis, depending on the type of installation we are performing. Roof mounted solar typically requires thorough measurements for accurate design. Ground mounted installations will require surrounding land considerations.

Electrical Review

An electrical evaluation prior to solar installation includes a review of your property’s structural “as built” drawings (a record of all of the construction done on the site to date). The review helps identify the best point for the proposed solar power system to tie into the electrical grid. A detailed electrical audit is often performed during this stage and serves as the basis for establishing where the solar conductors are placed.

Document Review

Prior to moving forward with permitting submittal for a solar project, Aurora will perform due diligence on the property itself, verifying legal ownership and reviewing any relevant surveys to discover any potential property liens, easements or other details helpful to allowing the installation process to proceed without delays. Aurora will also verify property lines to ensure setbacks for a ground mount is in line with local adopted code.

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Aurora Energy Inc. is based in Columbia, Maryland and serves the MD/DC/VA region.  Our NABCEP-trained solar professionals are always available for customer questions, concerns or ideas.  We live & work in the community we serve. 

measuring a roof for solar array
Roof photo before commercial solar installation
roof pre-solar installation Office building solar array MD VA DC commercial solar installer Aurora Energy Inc.
solar ground mount installation plan review

Tailored For Your Site

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      For simple rooftop projects, the due diligence phase typically takes 2-1/2 weeks to complete. With additional reports and recommendations to finalize, more complex ground or carport installations may take longer depending on the complexity of the project.

       While the expense involved with due diligence stage is a relatively small compared to the total cost of a commercial solar installation, it’s an important step in the process.  It typically does not interfere with contract signing or the start of initial design work. 

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