Aurora Energy participates in Auto Dealership webinar

Did you know that auto dealerships consume 18% more energy than a typical office building? Or that the auto dealership industry spends a whopping $2,000,000,000 in energy costs each year? By being at the mercy of the utility, these costs are burdensome, uncontrolled and unrelenting.

On Tuesday, SunPower and Aurora Energy hosted a “Solar for Auto Dealerships” webinar.  Hosted and promoted by the Maryland Auto Dealer Association, the discussion helped local auto dealers learn about the financial, environmental and community benefits of switching their dealerships to solar power.

The webinar hosts included SunPower’s Ryan Ferrero, a former car dealership owner now working in sustainable technology within the industry; Tim Grahl, SunPower’s East Coast Regional Sales Manager and Pete Barnes, Aurora Energy’s Customer Relationship Manager

The hosts gave a comprehensive overview of some of the great incentives currently available to dealerships for system financing.

Dealerships across the country are taking advantage of the financial freedom that comes with going solar by turning their showroom’s roof into a profit center.  Some of the dealer installations highlighted in the presentation were:

Covert Auto Group (125.6 kW rooftop installation/  Estimated $500,000 savings over the life of the system with a 53 % projected electricity offset for the campus)

Boulder Nissan (50.25 kW rooftop system/  Estimated $134,000 savings in the first 10 years of solar alone, offsetting over 60% of electricity costs) 

Fitzgerald Gaithersburg (890 kW solar canopy installation/  Estimated $5.2 million savings over the life of the system, offsetting 83% of the campus’ energy costs) [This was an Aurora Energy installation]

Car dealership solar webinar blog post Aurora Energy Inc.
Photo credit: Max Rovensky

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