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What solar panels should we install?  Will solar benefit our manufacturing facilities?  What is the ROI for our commercial assets?  What is agrivoltaics?  All those answers are here.

Go solar in Baltimore

Solar for commercial rooftops

Going solar for commercial buildings Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Linkedin Switching a commercial building’s power sourcing from expensive coal power to cheaper clean energy isn’t just about helping the environment.  Though many corporations are using solar arrays to help achieve their sustainability goals, most are installing solar on their commercial

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Racking installation at a ground mounted system in Maryland

Siting Maryland’s Community Solar Arrays

Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Linkedin Maryland’s Community Solar Program was initially passed as a pilot program in 2015.  The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) officially adopted the program in the summer of 2016, outlining that parameter of 1.5% of the state’s peak demand.  Since the program had initially needed time

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Transformer Protection in the Open Phase Condition

Loss of a Phase or Open Phase Condition in a three-phase PV system with a Downstream Transformer Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Linkedin It is a common practice in PV systems to install a stepdown three-phase YG:yg transformer between the PV inverter (Distributed Energy Source, DER) and the utility (Point of

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