Commercial solar isn't just feel-good clean energy, it's a winning strategy for any business

When Novak Djokovic finished his second year of professional tennis his prize money totaled $500,000 dollars and he was ranked in the middle of the pack of Men’s professional tennis players. Two years later he won his first Major by beating Federer and Nadal (the #1 and #2-ranked players in the world respectively) for his victory. His prize money winnings also increased 10-fold that year to $5,000,000. What changed? Well, it wasn’t a change to his conditioning of the form in his swing. It came down to creating a Strategy to help him win.

In his early playing years, Djokovic was winning about 49% of all points played.  During his meteoric rise through the ranks, he upped his winning percentage by three points to 52%.  Just that small increase made the difference between good and legendary, two Bentleys or twenty.  Once he started that run in 2003, Djokovic has dominated tennis becoming the top-ranking player for 18 years straight- longer than anyone else in history.  To use another tennis example, one of the greatest tournament runs in the modern era is Raphael Nadal’s 66-1 winning matches over a 10 year period at the French Open.  His winning point percentage was under 55%.

     By making a small change in your business strategy, you can achieve great results as well.  Just as with Djokovic, if you invest towards a small improvement you can reap rewards for decades to come.  Here’s an example of a projection cost benefit chart from one of our recent commercial solar proposals:

As you can see, there is an initial output.  The return, though, on investing in that improvement provides continued reliable value into the company’s foreseeable future and beyond.  We at Aurora Energy see each solar project as an opportunity for the customer to invest a given output to a comparatively enormous return; a Strategy for your business that accomplishes two main goals: overhead cost reduction and sustainability achievements.     

A win-win.

Aurora Energy has been an exceptional selection for businesses the DC, MD and VA area when installing solar PV, and tailoring it to match the customer’s strategic objectives.  Contact us for a no-charge evaluation of how solar can be incorporated into your business -develop your winning Strategy today.

Photo credit: Kevin Mueller

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